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No more space for freedom of speech in Bahrain

SHAFAQNA – Bahrain regime forces were deployed in the capital Manama, mainly in the hometown of Al-Wefaq Secretary Sheikh Ali Slaman, Monday, to prevent solidarity protests from taking place and depriving the protesters from the right to protest which is a basic humanitarian right.

Protesters have been peacefully taking to the streets for over 50 days calling for the release of Shaikh Ali Salman – Al-Wefaq Secretary General. The protests  have been violently suppressed causing many serious injuries among protesters who have been rallying on daily basis.

The regime in Bahrain has ignored all  calls that have been released by  prominent human rights organizations to stop attacking peaceful protesters.

Though, the regime persists to confiscate the freedom of speech and the right of assembly which is within the its  security strategy to deal with the demands of a vast majority in Bahrain that seek to a peaceful democratic transfer of power .

Source : ALwefaq

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