Obama asks McCain about next Pentagon chief

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough has contacted Republican Senator John McCain about his thoughts on the next secretary of defense.

McCain said on Monday he suggested former Sen. Joe Lieberman for the position.

“I said Lieberman,” the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee told the Washington Post.

McCain said that he did not believe President Barack Obama would select Lieberman, who is a Democrat turned Independent.

Chuck Hagel stepped down as the Pentagon chief last week.

Last week, McCain said that Hagel resigned because he was frustrated with Obama for having no strategy to combat the ISIL terrorist group.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson, Hagel’s current deputy Robert Work, Rep. Adam Smith and Ashton Carter, a former deputy secretary of defense, are among the choices.

In an interview with Press TV on Monday, American investigative journalist Wayne Madsen said Hagel resigned because he did not understand President Obama’s policy against ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

“Hagel resigned because he did not understand what the policy was in Syria,” he said.

“It was really this Syria mess and now the mess with ISIL in Iraq that forced Hagel to resign,” he added.

Source: PressTV


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