Obama ‘waging war on humanity, at home and abroad’ said analyst

American author and radio host Stephen Lendman pointed to a litany of interventions by Washington—from supporting militant groups in the Middle East against “adversaries” to the 2011 military campaign in Libya—and said “rogue states operate this way.”

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – A history of covert and overt interventions shows that the United States is by far the world’s “worst rogue state,” says an analyst.

Lendman told Press TV on Monday “America is by far the world’s worst. Throughout its history, it’s done more harm to more people over a longer duration than history’s most ruthless despots”.

“Most Americans are woefully uninformed. Especially on major geopolitical issues mattering most,” he added.

Lendman said most Americans support President Barack Obama’s war on ISIL terrorists in Iraq and Syria, “mindless that they’re a US creation.”

“US special forces and CIA operatives train them in Jordan, Turkey and Georgia,” he noted.

US Congress has approved a measure authorizing the Pentagon to begin training and equipping “moderate” militants in Syria to confront ISIL terrorists, now in control of vast expanse of land in Syria and Iraq.

Military officials said Sunday that Turkey agreed to a US request for Turkish military bases to be used for training “moderate” Syrian militants as a ground force against ISIL terrorists.

Lendman said ISIL is not the real target. “They [militants] are used against Assad in Syria. Obama wants him ousted. He wants a pro-Western stooge governance replacing him.”

“Throughout his tenure, (Obama) ravaged and destroyed one country after another. He calls it ‘leadership’, ‘humanitarian intervention’, ‘responsibility to protect (R2P)’.” the analyst noted.

“He’s waging war on humanity, at home and abroad. He may not survive his time left in office,” Lendman concluded.




Source: PressTV



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