Obeying God is the only way

SHAFAQNA – One day Imam Hussain (AS) on his way reached a palace, and asked whose is it? They replied: Belongs to Ous. Imam (AS) said: If Ous could see the conditions and the end of this world, would have been satisfied to have a loaf of bread in the hereafter than this palace he left behind in this world [1].
Imam Hussain (AS) also said: Do not be of those who are afraid of others sins but relaxed about the consequences of their own sins because paradise cannot be gained by tricking God. A human being will not attain the divine rewards and blessings except by obeying Allah (SWT) [2].

[1] Ershadul Quloob, Page 27.
[2] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 75, Page 121.

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