Official: Iran hub of stability, security in Middle East

SHAFAQNA – First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri said on Wednesday that Iran is the hub of security and stability despite all the hostilities, pressures and the world arrogance violation of the International Law.

Jahangiri made clear that lack of security in Syria and Iraq are the outcome of foreign intervention and terrorism.

Jahangiri said that thank God the Islamic Republic of Iran is in a fully safe atmosphere, busy with construction and economic development.

He expressed concern about the oil price falls to about 55 dollars from 106 dollars and its negative impact on Iran and said the Islamic Republic of Iran used to export daily 2,400,000 bpd in the past few years, but, the ‘tyrannical’ sanctions posed limits and restricted the oil sales, bringing it to one million bpd.

‘Iran is able to leave behind the challenges created regularly by the enemies thanks to prudence and vigilance of people and government,’ Jahangiri added.




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