Omani City Hosting Quran Exhibition

SHAFAQNA – A Quran exhibition has been mounted in the city of Bushar in Oman’s Muscat province.

Organized by the city’s Islamic Association, it aims to introduce new methods of teaching the Quran, according to an Omani daily.

The activities and achievements of the area’s Quran schools are also on display at the expo.

Visitors can learn about how the Quran is taught in the schools, what methods are used to enhance the efficiency of Quran teaching, and simple ways to teach the verses of the Quran.

Some 670 Quran leaners and as many as 24 Quran teachers of the city attended the opening of the expo on Wednesday.

Oman is an Arab country on the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

The country’s official religion is Islam and virtually all Omanis are Muslims.

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