On IWD, Bahraini women continue struggle against discrimination


SHAFAQNA – The Women Affairs Unit in Al Wefaq National Islamic Society issued the following statement marking International Women Day, on 8th March 2015: “As the world celebrates International Women Day on 8th March, Bahraini women continue to suffer from marginalization, exclusion and discrimination for raising demands for legitimate rights to democracy and justice in Bahrain. Today, many women continue to be excluded from the jobs they are qualified for, while others were either sacked or imprisoned for expressing their opinions.

The Women Affairs Unit in Al Wefaq calls on human rights organizations, specifically those concerned with women rights, to shed light on the situation of the Bahraini women and save them from a dark future under a regime that does not respect women as citizens. The Unit congratulates women celebrating this day around the globe and hopes a brighter future for the women who are struggling for a better tomorrow.”


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