One-and-a-half million people take part in Paris unity march

SHAFAQNA- A total of 1.5 million people take part in a unity march in Paris on Sunday after 17 people were killed during three days of terror attacks, its organizers say in updated reports.

Similar marches have taken place in other French cities on Sunday. According to police, more than one million people took to the streets in French provinces to express solidarity with the families of the victims – journalists of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, police officers and shoppers at a kosher supermarket killed by terrorists.

The three-kilometer march started on Place de la Republique, and first groups of people have already arrived at Place de la Nation.

The anti-terrorism march in Paris has become an event of solidarity, unification. Taking part in it are French citizens of different views and confessions. Marching side by side are representatives of practically all French parties, forgetting about their political rivalry.

The National Front of Marine Le Pen was the only exception, with its leader joining a march in the province.

The terrorists were killed, but three days that saw an attack at Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket have shocked the nation.

Police are on high alert and security measures have been stepped up as a large number of foreign politicians take part in the march. A total of 5,500 police, gendarmes and military keep the peace.


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