Pakistan religious leaders slam Saudi regime over Mina disaster

SHAFAQNA - Pakistani religious leaders demanded Saudi government to show responsible behavior for ensuring safety of millions of Hajj pilgrims. 

‘Sahibzada Muhammad Hamid Raza’ Chairman of ‘Sunni Ittehad Council’ said that Saudi government looks confused about the arrangements of Hajj. 

“This is happening because Saudi Arabia is involved in Yemen and their attention is towards the Yemen border,” he said. 

He said that Saudis claim themselves as servants of Holly sites of Muslims so they must show some responsibility in hosting the Hajj pilgrims. 

“This year they have failed to ensure safety of Hajj pilgrims despite charging hefty amounts from Hajis,” he said. 

‘Mufti Gulzar Ahmed Naimi’, head of ‘Jamaat Ahle Haram’ said that Saudi government should be more responsible about the arrangements of Hajj. 

“Definitely the arrangements this year are not good and Hajis are facing lots of problems because of poor arrangements,” he said. 

He said that Saudi administration should be held accountable for the poor Hajj arguments. 

Religious scholar Mufti Raghib Naeemi expressed deep sorrow and grief over the killings of pilgrims in Mina disaster and said that the incident is a big test for the Saudi government and Saudis should be more careful in future to avoid such tragic incidents.

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