Pakistani group calls on organization of Islamic cooperation to condemn desecration of holy prophet Mohhamed (PBUH)

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Agency) – The Majlis Wahdat Muslimin (Muslims’ unity assembly) in Pakistan urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to hold an emergency meeting to condemn desecration of Islamic sanctities.

Secretary of the group Seyed Abbas Ali on Friday condemned the printing of satirical sketches of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, and warned that such moves will exacerbate the situation.

He called for immediate and effective reaction by the OIC and the government of Pakistan against the insult.

Muslims across the Middle East and Africa on Friday protested at the printing of the cartoon.

A protest rally was organized in Jordan where around 2,500 protesters took to the streets of the capital, Amman.

Protesters in Amman held banners that read “insulting the prophet is global terrorism.” Similar demonstrations were also held in other cities in the country.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, Qatar lashed out at the magazine for printing the “offensive” cartoon.

“These disgraceful actions are in the interest of nobody and will only fuel hatred and anger,” Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said, describing the blasphemous acts as a “violation of human values of peaceful coexistence, tolerance, justice, and respect among people,” adding, “Our leader will forever be Mohammed.”

Hundreds of Palestinians demonstrated at the flashpoint al-Aqsa mosque compound in al-Quds (Jerusalem) Friday, some with banners reading, “Islam is a religion of peace!” and “Our leader will forever be Mohammed.”

Saudi Arabia’s top religious body, the Council of Senior Scholars, also lamented the printing of the cartoons, saying such acts “have nothing to do with the freedom or creativity or thought.”

Such moves would only “serve extremists who are in search of excuses for killing and terrorism,” Fahd al-Majid, the secretary general of the Saudi religious body, said.

People in the African country of Sudan also staged a demonstration to vent their anger at the publication of the blasphemous cartoon.

The people, who had come to Khartoum’s Grand Mosque, chanted, “Expel the French ambassador, victory to the Prophet of God!”

They also carried a banner reading, “The French government should apologize and the French government must stop insults to religious figures.”

Tunisia was also the scene of protests against the French magazine.

The protesters in the African country gathered at el-Fath mosque, saying journalists working for Charlie Hebdo “…insulted our prophet many times.”

The French weekly has repeatedly provoked Muslim anger by publishing such offensive cartoons.

Some five million copies of the new edition of the satirical magazine were sold this week in the wake of a January 7 attack on Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, in which 12 people were killed.

An al-Qaeda branch in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack on Charlie Hebdo. The group said it chose and supported Said and Cherif Kouachi, the two brothers who allegedly carried out the deadly assault.



Source: IQNA


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