Date :Saturday, January 9th, 2016 | Time : 15:37 |ID: 25588 | Print

Pakistani Shia political faction is hacked

SHAFAQNA – Indian Hackers hacked the official website of MWM, political party of Shias of Pakistan, earlier today however, Shia website administration has recovered the website by blocking it.

MWM spokesperson said in comments to the press that the party’s official website (, on which a picture of the daughter of an officer killed in Pathan Kot attack was published, was hacked by Indian hackers earlier today. However, the website administration of the party immediately took action and recovered the website from Indian hackers.

MWM spokesperson noted, “India has always been Pakistan’s enemy and now when the relations between the countries are improving Indian extremists have been falsely blaming Pakistan for incidents like Pathan Kot whereas there is no proof of Pakistan’s involvement in it. We have foiled the cyber-attack on the website”.

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