Pakistani Woman Creates World’s 1st Hand-Stitched Quran

SHAFAQNA – A Pakistani woman named Zamrud Khan has recently created the world’s first hand-stitched Quran.

She dedicated almost seven and a half years creating the masterpiece.

The Pashtun woman who currently resides in Korangi town Karachi, worked tirelessly to create the piece of art that shows her love and dedication for both Islam and the Quran, according to the Pakistani daily The Nation.

The pages of stitched Quran are made of cotton and are beautifully bordered with green silk along with gold colored embroidery. Each chapter’s (Sipara) outer page is also decorated in the same pattern. Even the entire text was stitched with the vibrant green color.

Zamrud’s epic creation weighs approximately 60 kilograms.

Regarding the idea, Zamrud says that it just popped up in her head. However, she did not anticipate the project would take as long as it did.

“I started stitching the Quran with full determination without fearing about how long it will take to complete,” she said. “I am thankful to the Almighty for giving me enough courage to complete the noble task. I am so happy with it. I have never been happier in my entire life,” remarked Zamrud.

Her family said that they are very happy over the achievement of their daughter.

They said during this entire duration, she remained away from public gatherings choosing to focus on staying at home and completing the Quran.

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