Pakistanis confirm that Houthis are friendly and cooperating with them

SHAFAQNA- Pakistani nationals who have returned from Yemen or who are entrapped inside Yemen due to Saudi-led bombardment have confirmed that Houthis were cooperating with Pakistanis and they are friendly towards them.Saudi-financed media owners and their hand-picked media persons tried their level best to portray a negative picture of Pakistan-friendly Houthis in Pakistan through illogical and shameful support to anti-Islam, anti-humanity and anti-democracy Wahhabi monarchs of GCC countries who have invaded Yemen perpetrating unjustifiable military aggression on Yemen.

But, modest Pakistanis believe in “love begets love” hence they don’t hide facts. Ahsan Ali told Express News channel that due to Houthis cooperation, they could reach Hodeida, Yemen’s port city on the coast of Red Sea.

Beenish Imran, a Pakistani woman told Dunya in an interview that Pakistani embassy and Houthis facilitated them. She said that Houthis helped them in leaving for Pakistan.

She said that due to airstrikes, bombardment and shelling by Saudi-led Decisive Storm coalition, everything in Yemen was destroyed. Buildings, schools and roads are destroyed. Pakistanis could be shifted to safer places through road-links from KSA or Oman.

But, unfortunately, Saudi-led bombardment and shelling by pro-separatists takfiri terrorists of al-Qaida and allied-locals, they cannot be shifted to safer places.

Ms. Beenish said that Pakistani embassy was opened while all foreign missions were closed and diplomats left Sanaa. She said that 3000 were entrapped Yemen and they help.

Another Pakistani settled in Yemen has returned safely and he was invited to a talk show on Tuesday night. He said that Yemenis love Pakistanis very much and they cried in disbelief that Pakistan army joined Saudi-led war coalition against Yemenis.

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