Pakistan’s new centre of Power : Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA- Pakistan’s new chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif seems quite proactive after he assumed his office. After the Peshawar incident, his pro-activeness gained more momentum and he fully came into headlines and Media’s lime light. From presentation to the approval of 21st amendment and establishment of military courts his role remained very vibrant. After his pro-active role in foreign and domestic affairs, political analysts are unequivocally voicing that once again centre for power has been shifted from Parliament to GHQ. This is not an indigenous analysis but international community is also closely watching the entire show therefore, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani during his visit met army chief in GHQ and now US secretary of state John Kerry also visited GHQ and hold meeting with Chief of army staff.  According to inside sources in both the visits, General Raheel Shareef was the centre for future course of action. Therefore not only Ashraf Ghani but also John Kerry discussed the key agenda with Raheel Sharif not with Pakistan’s political leadership.

This is third time that PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif has lost control over the state affairs and centre for power has been shifted to GHQ. It seems that General Raheel Shareef feels that political leadership is incompetent to run the state affairs and take key decisions thus he has decided to take all the affairs in his own hand. If the situation persists, Pakistan may face another Marital Law.

Fayyaz Ahmed Mughal

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