Palestinian religious figures condemned Charlie Hebdo

SHAFAQNA – Sheikh Ikrema Sabri, head of the Islamic supreme council of Palestine and Atallah Hanna, the Orthodox Archbishop of Sebastia, strongly condemned Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine for publishing insulting cartoons.

In an interview with the PIC, Sheikh Sabri considered publishing the sardonic cartoons as an act of provocation to Muslims’ feelings all over the world.

Such provocative acts would lead to more violence, he warned, stressing that offending divine prophets does not represent freedom of speech.

He called on all countries to criminalize those who attack heavenly religions.

Bishop Atallah Hanna described the cartoons as a heinous crime against humanity, and expressed his rejection of any blasphemies against religions and their symbols.

While he renewed his condemnation of France’s attacks, he considered the cartoons another kind of terrorism.

He pointed out that there are some parties in the world seeking to stir up religious strife and stressed the need for confronting such situation with wisdom.




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