Palestinians will not back down says official

SHAFAQNA – The Palestinian people has risen up against the Israeli occupation in every single corner of the occupied Palestinian territories after Israel’s terrorism has crossed all red lines, political bureau member of Hamas, Ezzet Resheq, said Tuesday.

Ezzet Resheq said in a press statement all endeavors brokered by international and regional parties to rescue the Israeli occupation from the mounds of dirt it has trapped itself in by stepping up crimes against the Palestinian people will just be as vain as its antecedents.

“Today, the Palestinian masses have joined forces and showed a strong determination to restore their rights and protect the holy al-Aqsa Mosque against Israel’s simmering terrorism,” he said.

Resheq called on the Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the PA security apparatuses to back up the ongoing intifada and never yield in to the pressures exerted by such international parties as the Quartet.

Simmering clashes with the Israeli occupation army have rocked the occupied Palestinian territories over recent days and culminated in the murder of 31 Palestinian civilians, including seven children.

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