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Peterborough Charities in England Given Food Parcels for Ramadan

SHAFAQNA – Kind residents have been donating food packages to organizations helping needy and homeless people, as well as refugees and asylum seekers living in Peterborough, Britain.

A number of donations have been made by organisations across the city to help residents who are struggling to afford food through the summer months.

Members of the Hussaini Islamic Centre in Burton Street, Peterborough, donated a large number of parcels of food to the Red Cross, located in Priestgate in the city centre.

A spokesman for the centre said these food packs are for local refugees and asylum seekers as a part of the holy month of Ramadhan.

The packs contain all the essential ingredients in preparing food meals of sufficient quantity to last for each person for up to few weeks.

Raza Husein Rahim, spokesman for the Islamic Centre said making the donation was an important part of Ramadan for Muslims in Peterborough.

He said: “Millions of Muslims worldwide fast during this month of Ramadan for the pleasure of Allah in exercise of spiritual purification and self-control.

“Fasting includes abstaining from food and liquids from dawn to dusk. One of the most recommended acts during the fasting is to give for the pleasure of Allah.

“The Members of Hussaini Islamic centre in Burton Street Peterborough have contributed towards these food parcels that will be distributed to the refugees who reside in and around Peterborough with help of Red Cross.”

The center has also arranged for a special meal to be held at the end of Ramadan.

And staff at the Peterborough Soup Kitchen have received a donation of dozens of cakes to be handed out.

The cakes worth £220 – were presented to the charity by Shafeel Hussain representing Team Hope from Islamic Relief.

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