Photo book, ‘Arba’een’ published in three languages

SHAFAQNA - The photo book ‘Arba’een’ which is a pictorial narrative of Arba’een 2014 (1436 AH) is published in the three languages of Persian, English and Arabic with an introduction by Masjed Jame’i, on the occasion of ‘Sha’banieh Days’ which mark the birth anniversary of the 12th Shiite Imam Mahdi (AS).

This book, which is a visual narrative of a group of photographers and the mass media reporters travelling with Masjed Jame’i to the Holy Shrines in the Arba’een last year, is published in 168 pages by Khaneh ye Farhang-e-Gouya Publications.

This book presents 154 photographs of the news photographers who travelled to Iraq last Arba’een. It consists of four parts of “Chapter on Velayat and Affection”, “Clarity of the Soul and the Fragrance of the Heart “, “In the Presence of the Friend”, and “Through a Small Window”.

These pictures were judged and selected by a jury consisting of Mr. Mojtaba Aqa’i, Mohammad Khoshrou, Yunes Shekarkhah(PhD), Mohammad Farnoud, Abdollah Givian (PhD) and Hossein Namakdoust (PhD).





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