Physicians at Moscow airport say woman with Ebola-like symptoms tests negative

SHAFAQNA- Physicians at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport said close to midnight Monday that a woman who had arrived by an Aeroflot flight with symptoms suggestive of the Ebola virus disease tested negative, a source at Sheremetyevo told TASS.

Officials at the airport received a notification from the crew that a female customer, whose nationality was not specified and who was supposed to board a connection flight in Moscow, was sick. Pending the report, the jet was taxied to a specialized sanitary parking lot upon landing and the passenger was issued a transit visa on the spot so that she could be hospitalized if need be.

However, physicians at the airport established after an epidemiological checkup that the woman had an acute respiratory infection.

Other passengers of flight SU 2455, which landed at 18:52 Moscow Standard Time (15:52 GMT), spent more than three hours inside the jet upon arrival. A source at Moscow City’s healthcare department said they would not have to take specialized tests, as the chances that they had contacted the deadly virus were insignificant.

“We’ve had to tackle cases of this kind in the past and they were never confirmed, all the more so that this passenger arrived from a non-endemic country,” the source said.

“Medical specialists consider such situations as an opportunity to get supplementary practical drill,” he said.

To rule out any further complications completely, the woman and her spouse, who had arrived by the same flight, were taken to the city’s hospital No. 1 for infectious diseases, the airport officials said.


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