PIC/Lebanese security assaults Palestinian refugees, bars them from entering country

SHAFAQNA (International Shia News Association)-Lebanese border security forces on Saturday prevented a number of Palestinian refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict from entering their country and assaulted them physically and verbally.

The action group for the Palestinians of Syria on Sunday quoted one of the refugees as saying that upon his arrival along with Palestinian families at Al-Masna border checkpoint in Lebanon, they were exposed to abuse and maltreatment at the hands of Lebanese security men.

“When we arrived at Al-Masna border checkpoint on the Lebanese side coming from Syria, the security men collected the entry permits of all Palestinian refugees and started to tear them off before our eyes while casting immoral and abrasive slurs in the presence of children and women,” the refugee explained.

“They also embarked on beating some young men while repeating, ‘You, Palestinians, are barred from entering Lebanon. If you want to fight, go to Syria and fight there,'” he added.

He said that despite the women’s entreaties to allow their families to enter Lebanon, the border security men forced them to return to the Syrian territory.

The Lebanese authorities had issued last May orders prohibiting the entry of any Palestinian from Syria and demanded their Syrian counterparts to stop giving travel permits for the Palestinian refugees.

In another context, the action group for the Palestinians of Syria said that Al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus has been under tight blockade for about 435 days and lacks all basic services.

The group also reported in a press release on Sunday the death of a Palestinian resident of Daraa refugee camp.

It said that 23-year-old Hosam Nuaimi was killed during armed clashes between the Syrian opposition and the regime forces in Quneitra city.


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