Pilgrimage to the holy Imams’ shrine

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- To visit the holy shrines of the Imams and to greet them are within the rights against their adherents, as an expression of loyalty to them. The Imams are the same whether they are alive or dead. Referring to this aspect, Sheikh al-Mufid said:

((After their death, the Prophet and the Imams of the Ahl ul-Bayt have full acquaintance with their adherents’ manners in this life that their acquire by God. Moreover, they can hear the words of him who speaks to them in their holy shrines. This is also an honor that God confers upon them so as to distinguish them from others. Many narratives have proven that they can also hear the words that are addressed to them wherever they come from. All the Imamite jurisprudents believe in so. As a proof, yet general, on the authenticity of this belief, we cite God’s saying:

“Do not think of those slain for the cause of Allah as dead. They are alive with their Lord and receive sustenance from Him. They are pleased with the favor from their Lord and have received the glad news that those who follow them will have no fear nor will they be grieved that they will be rewarded with bounties and favors from their Lord and that Allah will not neglect the reward of the true believers. (3:169-71)”

Telling the story of the believer of the Pharaoh’s family, God says:

“(Having been murdered by the disbelievers) he was told to enter paradise (wherein he said), “Would that people knew how my Lord has granted me forgiveness and honor” (36:26-7).”

The Prophet (s), too, said:

“I will certainly hear him who greets me near my tomb, and I will surely respond the salaams of him who greets me from any place.”

Finally, many texts said by the Imams of the Ahl ul-Bayt (a) deal with this topic in details.))

Uninterruptedly, there are tens of narrations related to the Ahl ul-Bayt (a) with regard to the great rewarding and grand credit obtained due to the pilgrimage to the Imams’ shrines.

Amir ul-Mu’minin (a) narrated: We served the Prophet (s), who was visiting us, some of the milk, butter, and dates that Ummu Ayman had given to us. After he had had some, he moved to a corner to offer a prayer. During the last prostration of that prayer, he wept very heavily. As we used to respect and honor him greatly, none of us could ask him. Al-Hussein then approached him and said: “Father, the greatest pleasure that we had ever felt was at these moments when you visit us. But we also felt great sorrow when we noticed you weeping. What for are you weeping?” “Son,” answered the Prophet (s), “The angel Gabriel has just come to me to foretell that you all will be killed in different areas of this earth.” “Father,” asked al-Hussein, “What will be the reward of him who visits us in such different areas?” The Prophet (s) answered: “There will be groups of my umma visiting your tombs for seeking blessings. I engage myself with the pledge that I, on the Day of Resurrection, will come to save them from the horrors of the Hour of Resurrection that they will suffer because of their sins. Allah will surely make Paradise their abode.”( Quoted from Bihar ul-Anwar; 22/ 7 (as quoted from Kamil uz-Ziyara and al-Amali).

Imam as-Sadiq (a) said: “He who visits one of us is as same as him who visits the Messenger of Allah (s).” (Quoted from Bihar ul-Anwar; vol. 22 page 6 (as quoted from uyounu Akhbar ir-Ridha, Ilal ush-Sharaayi, and Ibn Qawlawayh’s Kamil uz-Ziyara).

Imam al-Kadhim (a) said: “On the day of Resurrection, there will stand on the Divine Throne four individuals from the past generations and four from the later generations. Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus are the four individuals from the past generations. Mohammed, Ali, al-Hasan, and al-Hussein are the four individuals from the later generations. Then, food will be served. Those who visited the shrines of the Imams will be invited to that food. The visitors of my son’s shrine will be the foremost and the most favorable.” (Quoted from Bihar ul-Anwar; vol. 22 page 6 (as quoted from al-kafi).

Imam ar-Ridha (a) said: “The followers and Shia of each Imam are involved in a pledge that they should fulfill for him. The pilgrimage to the Imam’s shrine is a sign of the perfection of fulfilling that pledge. Hence, the Imam, on the Day of Resurrection, will intercede to him who visits his shrine out of desire and credence to the Imam.”( Quoted from Bihar ul-Anwar; vol. 22 page 6 (as quoted from uyounu Akhbar ir-Ridha, ilal ush-sharaayi, and Ibn Qawlawayh’s Kamil uz-Ziyara).





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