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The place of total comfort

SHAFAQNA – Total comfort has not been created for this world, and it is a waste of time to look for it (in this world) and the efforts of those who do so are futile and are nothing but trouble and suffering. The state of high pleasure/enjoyment is to decline, and gradually all the things which were given to the human being will be taken back, and he/she will face the dead-end, and the human being agrees for this highest state of pleasure/enjoyment to be taken away (wealth/assets, wife/husband, children are all for temporary periods and eventually they must be returned). A proper human being is always prudent and blessed. Forward-looking and comprehensive thinking are signs of wisdom. The wisdom will never ponder in details. Prophet Ibrahim (AS) said to God: Do not take me out of this world until I request it, and God accepted. One day Ibrahim (AS) saw a blind man who was eating food, and because he was too old, and his hands were shaking, instead of his mouth, he took the food towards his eyes. Ibrahim (AS) said to himself: Do I become like him when I get old? In that situation, Ibrahim (AS) told God: Take me at the time which has been allocated in my destiny [1]. The best situation is that the extract of life; meaning death, to start with the call that is mentioned in Ayahs 27-30 of Surah Al-Fajr: “ O’ tranquil soul; come back to your God, well-pleased (thyself), and well-pleasing unto God; enter thou, then, among God’s servants; and, enter thou into God’s heaven.”

[1] Safinatul Behar, Vol.1, Page 74.


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