Political factors behind death sentence of Sheikh Baqir Al Nimr: Iranian foreign Minister

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Iranian deputy minister for Arbian and African affairs Abdul Lehyan said that death punishment to Sheikh Baqir Al Nimr is based on false allegations and there are political purposes behind this verdict.

Abdul Lehyan said that If the news of death sentence to Sheikh Nimr are true, there would a huge international reaction over it. This move would not only hurt Muslims across the world but it would also exacerbate unrest in the region. He urged Saudi Government to abstain from such Unjust and non-serious acts because they would soar the ties between both the countries. Sheikh Nimr was arrested in June 2012 from District Qateef and he was shot four times on his legs. He was detained for eight months but Saudi Government did not indict him.




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