Poll: Hillary Clinton Crushing Democratic Rivals Just a Little Bit Less

SHAFAQNA – The Hillary Clinton express train to inevitability land is not gaining steam. It is, however, chugging along at a decent clip. Clinton is the favored presidential candidate of 61 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaning independents in a new ABC News/Washington Post Poll, still far ahead of Vice President Joe Biden (14 percent)  and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren (13 percent).

When the same poll was conducted in June, Clinton came in at an impressive 69 percent of those surveyed. Warren showed just seven percent support.

Clinton’s slight erosion of support roughly correlates with Warren’s gains thanks to the party’s liberal faction, as the poll notes:

Warren’s been described as the darling of liberals, and indeed her support among liberals has gained 11 points since June, while Clinton’s has slipped in this group by 14 points. Nonetheless, Clinton still holds a wide 59-19 percent lead over Warren among liberals, with 12 percent for Biden.

Neither Clinton, Warren, nor Biden have, as yet, officially declared themselves as candidates.

Source : http://www.bloomberg.com/

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