Poll revealed, healthcare is the top item in UK general election

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The ComRes results, compiled for The Independent newspaper, showed that healthcare is now top of the electorate’s list of concerns, after recent Accident and Emergency (A&E) crisis in the Britain’s National Health Service (NHS).

Speaking in Manchester, on Tuesday (27 Jan.), the opposition Leader, Miliband described his “10 year plan” for the health service. He said Labour Party will employ 5000 new home care workers and impose more safety checks for those at risk of hospitalization.

All three major political parties in Britain claim they will maintain high levels of funding for the nation’s health service. The ComRes results showed that 59% of voters will consider the NHS more than the economy in the general election, with 67% of women said NHS policies would matter more, whereas 50 percent of men believe the same.


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