Preachers sould deliver spiritual guidance during Muharram:Ayatollah Khorasani

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Vahid Khorasani emphasized the importance of propagation during the Islamic months of Muharram and Safar during his advanced jurisprudence class held at Qom’s Grand Mosque (Masjid al-A’dham).

During these two months, Shia Muslims in Iran and throughout the Islamic world commemorate the sorrowful martyrdom anniversaries of Imam Hossein (A), the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad (S). Imam Hossein (A), along with many of his holy family members (A) and companions (RA) were martyred in what is now Karbala, Iraq by the evil caliph Yazid and his cruel henchmen for refusing to pledge allegiance to their unjust and illegitimate rule.

Due to the heightened spiritual awareness of the people, the various sources of emulation encourage their seminary students to go forth and propagate Islam to the people in order to fulfill the Islamic society’s need for spiritual guidance.

Referring to the Holy Quran, Ayatollah Khorasani spoke of the necessity to promote and warn the believers and for the preachers to possess a deep understanding of the sources of Islam. The people come to the preachers for guidance and to gain knowledge which they do not have. It is the duty of the preachers of Islam to deliver this to them, along with the inspiring message of Imam Hossein (A) and his great sacrifice for pure Islam.

His Eminence addressed the students, preachers and clergymen before him and said: “In the month of Muharram go to preach and in your message, follow four principles: you must strengthen the believers faith, remove their doubts, purify their morals and teach them the laws of religion. These are the four pillars of propagation.”

The renowned source of emulation spoke of the importance of the days of mourning the martyrs of Karbala. He mentioned a tradition of Imam Hassan Mujtaba (A) where the second Imam of the Shia Muslims (A) mentioned the importance of guiding the people toward God.

“During these grand days, the preacher must preach as if no other preacher has ever come and will never come again. The act [of sacrifice of] Imam Hossein (A) is exclusive and unique to himself and the likes of the Imam (A) will never be seen again,” Ayatollah Khorasani stated in reference to the importance of properly conveying the message of Imam Hossein (A) to the people.



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