PressTV/ UK’s May rapped over plans to have int’l students leave after graduation

SHAFAQNA – A British business leader has slammed Home Secretary Theresa May’s proposal to force non-EU students to leave the UK on graduation, calling it an “electoral quick fix.”

James Dyson, one of Britain’s most respected business leaders, said in an article published by The Guardian on Sunday that May’s plan would lead to “long-term economic decline” as Britain would lose valuable talent.

May presented the proposal last month, saying she wants the UK to have “zero net student migration” by ensuring foreigners on study visas leave quickly after graduation.

“Theresa May’s immigration plans simply force the nimble minds we nurture to return home and create competition overseas,” said Dyson.

“Train ’em up, kick ’em out – it’s a bit short-sighted, isn’t it? A short-term vote winner that leads to long-term economic decline,” Dyson added.

Dyson emphasized that it was essential for Britain to keep its borders open to the “world’s best” in order for the country to be competitive in the future.

“The hard truth is that the home-grown postgraduate population is pitifully thin, so companies such as Rolls-Royce take their research and engineering capability overseas,” he said

The remarks by Dyson come as advocacy group Universities UK has warned that May’s plans risk increasing the perception that Britain does not welcome international students.

In 2012-2013, the number of overseas students registered at British universities declined for the first time in 29 years.




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