PressTV/White House, Pentagon divided over ISIL

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- There is a division between the White House and the US military over operations against the ISIL terrorist group, an American political commentator says.

According to PressTV, Bill Jones from Executive Intelligence Review made the comments after John Allen, the retired Marine general in charge of coordinating the US-led coalition’s response to the ISIL, confirmed Wednesday that the administration has no plans to coordinate with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) or any other rebel factions.

“At this point, there is not formal coordination with the FSA,” Allen said.

This is while American officials have been insisting that these factions are great and have been providing them with US arms and funding.

“Obviously, it’s quite actually dramatic since there’s been a push from the White House all along to try to cooperate with the Free Syrian Army,” Jones told Press TV on Thursday.

“But the statement seems to indicate that there’s a distinction between what the White House is want to do and what the US military is prepared to do,” he added.

“General Dempsey of course for a long time personally intervened to prevent any aid, any of the so-called insurgency groups and it has led to a situation in which they’ve been fed by the usual suspects in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, but the US has not at least officially or publicly given any direct support to them.”

“With General Allen’s statement, I think that it’s quite clear that they’re drawing a line in the sand that whatever happens in terms of this operation against ISIL, they’re not going to try and encourage any groups which may indeed end up on the other side of barricades after this is all over against the United States, but will maintain independent operations,” the analyst said.




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