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Promoting Salaat, the best way to confront the cultural invasion


Today at the meeting of promoting Salaat committee in Iranian city of Takestan, Iran which was attended by the city’s governor and authorities and head of promoting Salaat committee of Ghazvin province, Hujjat al-Islam Ali Islami asserted, “Performing Salaat is necessary for the health of the society and protecting it from vices and corruption, because Salaat prevents the man from turning towards sins.”

Stating that health of children and solving the economic and cultural problems in society are all possible through performing prayer, Friday prayer Imam of Takestan stressed, “More propagation and cultural works should be done to‌ promote and institutionalize the culture of prayer so the current situation will be improved.”

Hujjat al-Islam Islami emphasized, “Promoting the culture of Salaat is the best way to confront the enemy’s cultural invasion, because Salaat has a great value in Islam, as Imam Khomeini said, Salaat is a factory that makes humans.”

Member of council of Islamic seminary of Ghazvin noted, “Prayer is a powerful barrier against cultural problems and social damages and mosques have a significant role in this matter.” He added, “We must use all the possible capacities and capabilities, especially the media and mosques, to develop and deepen the culture of Salaat in the society.”


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