Prophet Muhammad: “Whomsoever I have authority over; Ali (AS) has also authority over him”

Imam Ali

SHAFAQNA – Imam Ali, the first Imam of Islam, the true heir and custodian of the Word, and forever the loyal son to the last prophet of God, was  born on Friday the 13th of the Islamic month, Rajab, inside the holy Ka’ba in Mecca.

On this very day the world was blessed with a guidance and a truth which bears no equal, and will know no contentious. A pure soul – a devoted soul, and a champion of the Light, our Imam had the love of our beloved prophet Muhammad. Blessed among the blessed our Imam will forever live in our prayers, in our hearts and on our lips – for his name we will never tire of saying, for his deeds we will never tire of recalling.

He was Ali, the lord of the Ka’aba, heir to the Prophet of God, and Guardian of all legitimacy. There could be not way without him, and no authority beside his.

Our Imam was both Witness to the Word of God, and the embodiment of the Word itself. He was where Islam begins and in him the perfected lines of all prophets spoke.

To those who still denounce our love, and devotion to AhlulBayt, we pay little heed for our loyalty is not to them but to him. Him whom the prophet raised over his blessed shoulders so that, he, could reach to the Heavens.

Our allegiance remains to him, whom our prophet called us to obey and follow so that our faith maybe complete.

“I am the city of science and Ali is its door those who are in need for science should come through the door.”; In another statement he said “I am the city of wisdom and Ali is its door those who are in need for wisdom should come through the door otherwise he is a thief.”

“Whomsoever I have authority over; Ali (A.S.) has also authority over him, O Allah! Befriend whoever befriend him and be hostile to whosoever is hostile to him” – Prophet Muhammad.

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