Prophet’s (PBUH) friendly encounter with people

SHAFAQNA – Warm and sincere encounter with people can bring hearts closer to each other and that is why the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) always treated others the same way. Imam Ali (AS) said: “When the Prophet (PBUH) used to shake hands with someone, he never pulled his hand away until that person did it first. And if anyone had a request and was talking to the Prophet (PBUH), he never cut his speech or walked away until that person finished talking and separated from him [1].”

Anas ibn Malik said: “I was with the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) for 10 years, I used to smell a scent from him which I never smelt better than that anywhere else. Whenever the Prophet (PBUH) met with a person, at the time of separation, the Prophet used to stand up and he always stood up when others who met him did so. At the time of shaking hands, the Prophet (PBUH) never pulled his hand back until the person who met him did so. The prophet (PBUH) used to treat anyone meeting him as if that person was the most popular one with him [2].”

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 16, Page 236.
[2] As above, Page 230

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