Prostate cancer discovery: Treatment which could stop disease coming back REVEALE


SHAFAQNA- PROSTATE cancer is the most common form of the disease among men in the UK – but there is new hope on the horizon after scientists help reduce the risk of the disease recurring in men.

Prostate cancer affects more than 40,000 men every year in the UK with 25 per cent of cases resulting in death.

However, now new research could reduce the recurrence of prostate cancer in males.

An international team of researchers led by British scientists have investigated the impact of anti-hormone therapy on samples taken from patients with prostate cancer.

They have revealed prescribing a drug commonly used in breast cancer patients – along with anti-hormone therapy treatment could reduce the risk of cancer coming back.

Dr Mohammad Asim, lead author of the study from the University of Surrey, said: “Prostate cancer is a devastating illness with a high death rate.

“Our exciting discovery will help remedy this and increase chances of survival for the thousands of men who contract the disease every year.

“Our research shows that anti-hormone treatment could be combined with PARP inhibitor to prevent the progression of the disease.”

Anti-hormone therapy is a commonly prescribed treatment for cancer of the prostate, which helps to reduce the levels of male hormones – that stimulate cancer cells to grow – in the gland.

Researchers discovered that an inadvertent consequence of anti-hormone therapy treatment is the activation of the DNA repair enzyme, PARP.

The triggering of PARP enables cancer cells to withstand anti-hormone therapy treatment, causing cells to cultivate and develop into a more aggressive form.

To be effective and reduce recurrence of cancer in the prostate, researchers found that prescribing PARP inhibitors, a drug commonly used in breast cancer, alongside anti-hormone therapy treatment may benefit men with prostate cancer.

PARP inhibitors prevent DNA repair causing cancer cells to die rather than repair.

Latest figures from Prostate Cancer UK has found that one in eight men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime showing the widespread prevalence of the disease.

Dr Catherine Pickworth from Cancer Research UK, said: “This early stage study adds to the growing evidence that some men with prostate cancer could benefit from being given PARP inhibitors alongside hormone deprivation treatment.

“The next step is to carry out clinical trials to test if this treatment combination is safe to use in patients and if it helps more men survive the disease.”

This exciting new discovery offers hope to thousands of males and will limit the recurrence of prostate cancer.

The study was published in the journal Nature Communications.


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