How to protect Hijab in countries where wearing Hijab attracts attention? The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz’s answer

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz answered questions about Hijab in non-Islamic countries.

Question: I am a university student living in Austria for a few years, but have problems regarding Hijab. Even wearing Hijab make me depressed, because by wearing Hijab it is impossible to find a job. I have a difficult life, my father and brothers are not with us. I feel degraded by wearing Hijab, and it has caused me not to be able to connect with people, and that is why I have not been able to learn the language, despite living here for a long time. I feel I am lonely and a recluse and I have been insulted in public many times for wearing Hijab. By Hijab, I mean wearing Chador and covering my hair. In these countries wearing Hijab attracts the attention of others a lot, and I have noticed it. Then, is there any problem if I do not cover my hair? This has made my soul really tired, and I have been affected by it in a way that going out of the house has become difficult for me. I am convinced that if I am in an Islamic country and Hijab is for all, covering the hair is Wajib. But in countries where covering hair attracts more attention than not covering, (then) it should not be a problem not to cover hair. After all God has introduced Hijab for women to feel safe and comfortable. Because I feel obliged (to abide to cover), it has caused me psychological problem, cannot find job, I feel being noticed for wearing Chador than not wearing it, I hear insults because of it, I am degraded because of it; is it still Wajib to cover my hair? If I go to my people, I will wear Chador, but I mean only in classroom, and among the people in this country.

The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz: I have been informed about your question, and prayed a lot for you. Congratulation for having such strong belief and may God add to your successes. This protection of religion and Islamic values will come to your help in the hereafter. I became happy by your strong belief. You can cover your hair with a piece of cloth/bandana, so that it cannot be seen, and leave your face uncovered. It is not necessary to wear Chador; a pair of trousers, and a shirt to cover your body will suffice.


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