Protest letter to French envoy in Tehran sent by Iran Press House

SHAFAQNA – Iran’s Press House sent a letter of protest to the French Embassy in Tehran on Sunday condemning the insulting move of Charlie Hebdo against the holy Prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him).


The letter was addressed to the French ambassador in Tehran Bruno Foucher.

The French weekly magazine published an offensive cartoon of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) one week after a terrorist attack against its offices in Paris left 12 people dead on January 7.

The move triggered huge protests in Muslim and non-Muslim countries worldwide.

Signatories of the letter of Iran’s Press House said that the move by the French magazine was against humanity and human logic and nature.

They said that Charlie Hebdo should apologize to Muslims for insulting their holy Prophet (PBUH).

“The move made by director of Charlie Hebdo has hurt all truth-seeking people on the planet and was protested even by leaders of non-Islamic faiths,” read the letter.

Noting that the act of the French magazine was “a clear example of escaping the law,” the letter urged Paris to show an appropriate reaction to the insulting move of Charlie Hebdo in order to heal the hurt feelings of the lovers of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as well as those of the men of wisdom and tolerance.

The letter called for a proper reaction by Paris which would “suit the glorious history of France.”

Condemning the insulting move, officials of the Iranian Press House said the act was against articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on freedom of expression and opinion.

Noting that the terrorist attack against Charlie Hebdo was made by a number of “ignorant French nationals of Algerian origin,” the letter said relating their act to Islam would only be the continuation of the policy of Islamophobia which was being persuaded by media propaganda of certain Western countries.

Referring to the message sent to the European and American youth by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Press House stressed that no one should be deceived by anti-Islam propaganda.

Ayatollah Khamenei issued a message addressed to the youth in Europe and North America on January 21st calling them not to miss the opportunity to “gain proper, correct and unbiased understanding of Islam.”

Iran’s House of Press called on Ambassador Foucher, in its protest letter, to inform French politicians and leaders of the hatred of Iranian journalists against the insulting move of Charlie Hebdo.

The letter also called for holding logical dialogue and debates with some of the supporters of the offensive move by the French magazine in order to protect the Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech.







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