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Protests erupt across Bahrain following Sheikh Qassim’s deteriorating health

SHAFAQNA – Protesters marched peacefully through the streets of a number of towns and villages including Karbabad, Shahrakkan, Buri, Abu Saiba, Samaheej, and Al Maqsha.

Many waved the Bahraini flag and held up posters of Sheikh Qassim, the country’s highest religious authority.

The demonstrators also made it clear that they hold the country’s monarch, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, fully responsible for Sheikh Qassim’s well being.

Meanwhile, in the northwestern village of Diraz, where the senior cleric has been living under a virtual siege since he had his citizenship revoked last summer, police fired teargas at protesters who attempted to approach his residence.

The latest unrest comes following revelations that the 80-year old’s health had seriously deteriorated in recent months.

He was placed under house arrest in late May after security forces attacked a sit-in near his home, killing five of his supporters.

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