Public Education sector Problems in Pakistan: Shafaqna Survey

SHAFAQNA – Shafaqna Pakistan has conducted a survey to highlight the problems in public education sector based on random sampling.


Shafaqna:  Is public education sector educating your children effectively?

Ans: 80% of the people replied that Pakistan’s education system is among the world’s poorest educations systems with no rapid check and control of the government on Schools and even in Sindh number of Ghost schools and Ghost teachers are present but Government failed to take action against them. 11% negated the notion that Public sectors schools do not deliver. They said that public sector Schools have high qualified staff and they are best than any private schools staff. While almost 9% did not respond to this question.


Shafaqna: What do you think what are the major issues of Education system?

Ans: Most of the people were of the same opinion that in budget Government allocate very meager amount for the education, which is very less to meet the educational demands. Most of the schools in rural areas lack basic infra-structure. Salaries of teaching staff are very low as compared to other public sector jobs.

Similarly Teaching staff is also not working honestly. Most of the teachers even do not bother to go to school regularly. While there are not regular refreshing courses offered b the government due to which old teachers can not teach advance syllabus in schools.


Shafaqna: Do you think Government is not serious to bring reforms in education sector?

Ans: Shafaqna received a mix response of this question. About 45% agreed upon that Government showing a lukewarm response to reform education sector. Had they been serious to bring changes in education sector they would have been increased education budget. They did not bring any bill aiming at equal education for the children of rich and poor. 35 % were satisfied with the Government action to bring positive changes in education sector. They said CM Punjab has taken revolutionary steps to improve this sector. 20% said that Government do not want that children of downtrodden get quality education and even education.


Shafaqna: Should there an equal education/syllabus for all?

Ans: 99% agreed upon that there should be equal syllabus for the children of elite and poor. All private education systems, like The city school, Beacon house, Froebel’s, Convent schools,OPF’s and various education system should have same syllabus and education system. This is the only way to end difference between the classes but Government and state machinery do not want to bring uniform syllabus.


Shafaqna: Do you think Pakistan’s current curriculum can compete modern world?

Ans: There was a unanimous approach by the respondents that Pakistan’s curriculum should be revised and it should be synchronized with advancing technological world. Syllabus should be devised keeping in view the developed nations and modern era. Pakistan’s current syllabi do not focus on creativity and modern RM methods.


Shafaqna: What changes do you suggest in existing education system?

Ans: There were different opinions about changes in existing educational system. The most agreed point was that education budget should be enormously increased. Govt should focus on infra-structure in rural area. Teachers should be paid an honorable salary and there should be a rapid check on teachers. There should be crackdown on ghost schools and ghost teachers. Curriculum should be revised and teachers should be part of curriculum making process.

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