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What are the pure deeds just for the sake of God?

SHAFAQNA – God asked Prophet Musa/Moses (AS): What pure deeds have you done so far? Prophet Musa (AS) replied: I performed Salaat, I fasted, and prayed. God said: Salaat, is the permit for the righteous to cross the bridge on the way to paradise; fasting is the shield against the fire; and prayers cause the elevation of rank in paradise; all these were for yourself. Prophet Musa (AS) said: O’ God, teach me a deed that is only for you. God said: Have you helped an oppressed person? Have you clothed an unclothed person? Have you given water to a thirsty one? Have you respected a scholar? These are all pure deeds [1].

[1] Tahrirul Mawaez, Ayatollah Meshkini, Page 228.

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