Qaradawi denounces death sentences against Mohamed Morsi

SHAFAQNA – According to The Independent Reported that ” A senior Muslim cleric has condemned death sentences passed on himself, the former Egyptian president and 105 Muslim brotherhood members, calling the rulings “nonsense”. Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, who is the spiritual leader of the brotherhood and based in Qatar, posted a video statement on his Twitter account claiming the sentences violated Islamic law. “These rulings have no value and cannot be implemented because they are against the rules of God, against the people’s law…no one will accept it,” Qaradawi said in the statement, which Al Jazeera broadcast in Qatar. The death sentences relate to a mass jail break in 2011 from a prison north of Cairo, which saw former president Mohamed Morsi and 105 Muslim Brotherhood leaders escape during the Arab Spring unrest. Qaradawi claims he had no involvement in the affair and was in Qatar at the time

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