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Qatar recalls envoy to Iran


SHAFAQNA – Qatar recalled its ambassador to Iran on Wednesday, state news agency QNA confirmed, after allies Saudi Arabia and Bahrain cut their ties with Tehran.

The move which was meant to reflect and express Saudi Arabia’s anger at Tehran over the attack by protesters against its embassy following the execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr is now betraying Riyadh’s agenda – failing any political normalization with Iran.

Since Iran signed its landmark nuclear deal, the Islamic Republic has been set to reclaim its position within the international community, a development Riyadh has perceived as threatening to its own hegemony.

Qatar shares with Iran access to the world’s largest natural gas field beneath the waters of the Gulf.

Kuwait recalled its ambassador to Tehran on Tuesday, while the United Arab Emirates has partially downgraded diplomatic relations.

Iran has accused t Saudi Arabia of using the attack on the embassy as an “excuse” to sever ties and further increase sectarian tensions.


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