Questions about the behaviour of engaged couples during engagement period / the Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi’s answers

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi answered questions about the correct behaviour during engagement period.

Question: Two young persons are engaged but due to long distance between the two countries, the Nikah ceremony has not been performed yet. They speak to each other through telephone and email to get to know each other. Considering that when they talk, sensual feeling is aroused, are they permitted to talk about sexual matters?

The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi: It is not allowed.

Question: If a person is engaged to a girl, is there a problem to joke with her and talk humorously with her?

The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi: If it is after Nikah ceremony, there is no problem, but before Nikah, there is problem if joking leads to sensual effects.

Question: If my fiancé tells me that I should not go to my sister’s house, because of his advice; should I act according to his saying?

The Grand Ayatollah Shahroodi: There is no religious validity to your fiancé’s saying.


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