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Quran, path to reach out to real Torah, Gospel


At the second international seminar of “unity, precondition for novel Islamic civilization” that was held today at Tehran’s university of Islamic sects, Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Fazel Lankarani, head of Islamic jurisprudential center of the holy Imams (a.s) said, “According to Quran, Muslims must believe in what has been revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as well as what has been sent down to other prophets preceding him. Muslims can not only say that there were prophets named Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) whose religions were only for their own time, but we should believe in more than that.”

Member of the Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom pointed out that Islam sums up all the past religions and stated, “Today, one of the ways to reach out to the real Torah and Gospel is through reading Qur’an. Because what has been sent down in the real Torah and Gospel exists in Qur’an as well, so if a Shia scholar finds out that there’s a law in Torah or Gospel that has not been abolished, then he should accept that law. This would give Muslims a widespread and vast view, and does not place Islam against Christianity and Judaism.”

Ayatollah Mohammad Javad Fazel Lankarani also stressed on the importance of unity between Shia and Sunni Muslims and added, “If we want to have Islamic civilization and unity among Shia and Sunni, we must all accept implementation of the religion.”

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