Quran Radio to Air Hajj Rituals

SHAFAQNA- Hajj rituals will be included in the special programs aired by Abu Dhabi Quran radio channel during this year’s Hajj season.

According to Al-Bayan newspaper of the UAE, the programs of the channel were planned in a meeting attended by officials of the radio and representatives of the UAE’s General Office of Islamic Affairs and Awqaf.
The special programs will be aired in three periods beginning from September 19.
Jurisprudential and cultural issues related to Hajj will be discussed in a program titled “Jurisprudence of Hajj” and necessary information will be provided for Hajj pilgrims.
“Interpretation of Quranic Verses on Hajj, Hajj Rituals and Virtues” is the title of another program of the radio channel.
Ahmad Al-Musa will take part in the program as an expert to discuss the issue.
“Medical Advices to Haj Pilgrims” is another program of the radio for the occasion.
The second series of programs will start on September 21 and will continue until the end of the Hajj season.
Hajj injunctions will be discussed in the programs titled “Sabah Al-Noor” and “Al-Tibwa Al-Hayat”.
It will be the first time that the radio is going to broadcast Hajj rituals live.

Source: Iqna

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