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Quran teachings methods key role in attracting people to Quran Institutes

SHAFAQNA – A Kuwaiti Quran activist said the teaching methods employed in Quran institutes are important factors in attracting people to the institutes for learning the Quran.

Speaking to IQNA, Master Hassan Qambar added that the methods used for teaching Quranic skills are more important than organizing Quranic contests and offering awards.

He described the role of Quranic institutes, especially charity ones, in promoting and institutionalizing the Quranic culture as significant.

Master Qambar, who is the director of the Habib Ibn Mazaher Quranic Institute in Kuwait, further urged that conferences be held with the participation of officials from Quranic institutes of the Muslim world.

They can share experiences and enhance their activities by attending such gatherings, he stated.

He also stressed that governments ought to provide support for Quranic institutes to develop their activities.

As for the role of women in expanding the Quranic culture, the Kuwaiti Quran activist said that in order for having a Quranic community, attention should be paid to promoting Quranic activities among women.

In Kuwait, he said, women are more active in Quranic fields than men.

Asked about the activities of Habib Ibn Mazaher Quranic Institute, he said the institute organizes various Quranic courses including courses on Tajweed, memorization of the Quran and reflection on Quranic teachings.



Source: IQNA


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