Radicals in the UK try to stir violence in Britain

SHAFAQNA – A British radical and terror sympathizer called on Monday for Muslims in Britain to physically assault Theresa May in a Lee Rigby-style terrorist attack following her remarks on counter-terrorism.

And though such a call for violence does not reflect Britain’s Muslim community state of mind or wishes, such a public statement have warned experts is bound to stir tensions and potentially lead to violent backlash in the UK against Muslims.

The militant, who is thought to have fled to Syria while on bail, said the Home Secretary must be run over, tied to the back of a car and dragged through the streets of London.The chilling threats have been posted on Twitter by Abu Abdullah Britani – believed to be Abu Rahin Aziz, a former credit control operator from Luton.

The 32-year-old, who has links to hate preacher Anjem Choudary, had been handed a 36-week jail sentence for stabbing a football fan in London. Britani also called for other politicians to be targeted and harmed.

Britani has even posted some of the newly-leaked names and address of American soldiers. He wrote: “#TheresaMay an evil witch should be hunted down and run over with a car to shut her up from speaking words against Islam.

“‘#TheresaMay responsible for many Muslims behind bars, we should track this cow & tie to back to car & dragged through London.

“‘TheresaMay a day will come when someone crosses your path & terror will be struck in your heart.”

Britani continued: “There are many other evil politicians in #UK, each of them is easy to locate, don’t hesitate just act.

“More n more of these evil politicians will be out campaigning which makes them easier targets.”

The jihadi had earlier urged radicals to also attack police officers and soldiers but warned potential terrorists not to shop at Tesco or B&Q to avoid detection.

He said they should them over or carry out attacks with bombs, knives and even hammers.

Britani wrote: “Those who say it’s hard strike in the west, may Allah grant you strength and thabaat.

“There are many ways you can partake in this jihad.

“When planning use your initiative, be creative, bomb, car to run a police, soldier, MP etc over, hammer, knife, punch, spit whatever you can.

“Main thing don’t say you can’t unless you tried… Make effort, be sincere and leave results in hands of Allah.

“Instead of going to your local Tesco or BnQ where cameras are go to a local cash n carry where everything is available.”

The account has also called on Muslims in the UK and elsewhere in Europe to “erupt like a volcano”.

It added: “If your country don’t allow you to leave land of kufr to perform jihad or to live under the £khilafah then start jihad in the land of kufr”.

The messages come around a week after similar threats to blow up Big Ben and the Eiffel Tower.

Other tweets on the timeline include a picture appearing to show Aziz wearing combat fatigues and with bullets around his neck.

He is holding a sign with the “#Don’tVote”, while the caption alongside the photograph read: “A message to the #Muslims of #UK”.

Aziz was once a member of the Muslim Against Crusaders group, who burnt a large poppy on Armistice Day in 2010.

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