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Raw and terrorism: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA- Pakistan has been facing an unnerving degree of terrorism in the hands of TTP, that even its schools children are not secure. From a small group named TNSM, TTP has suddenly transformed into a monster within very short span of time. The question is who is funding and Arming TTP is a million dollar question.

Pakistan has been traditionally victimized by India; maybe it was the massive killing, done by Hindus and Sikhs during the process of shifting after partition or later years; India did against the Muslims in India. However, if the pattern of terrorism, committed by TTP is traced back to early 1970s, it has lot of resemblance and commonalities with Mukti Bahini, which mean, both have same type of the forces and trainers behind. This force behind is Research and Analysis Wing, the Indian spying network, commonly known as RAW.
This brutal Indian network indeed committed infinite brutalities on the people of East Pakistan, but later very cunningly blamed Pakistani military for that through a buck-passing strategy. Now again, Indian spying network is busy in promoting TTP terrorists against the state and people of Pakistan, ever since 2002. This time India is making use of Afghan soil for the terrorist activities inside Pakistan. It has also been learnt that those who attacked APS Peshawar were receiving instructions from Afghanistan and most probably they were provided shelter by Indian consulates operating in Afghanistan.  Indian spying network (RAW) has deep linkages with the TTP network and especially its leader, Mullah Fazlullah. Mullah Fazlullah is currently in Afghanistan and his activities are planned and implemented by RAW and NDS jointly.
During his recent visit to India, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and his team were highly critical to India over the Indian involvement in the terrorist activities in Pakistan and the strong linkages between RAW and TTP.

During recent visit of John Kerry to Pakistan, Army Chief Raheel Sharif provided solid evidences of against RAW’s involvement in APS attack and other terrorist activities in Pakistan. Therefore John Kerry directly flew to India and snubbed Indian authorities including Narendra Modi. Thus India is playing the policy of beating and crying. On one hand it is sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan while on the other hand it is also accusing Pakistan of terrorist activities and now World must understand it.

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