Refugees in Germany falls victim of engineered marginalization – The criminalization of foreigners and Muslims

SHAFAQNA – Tensions have run high in Germany after over 500 women complained they were molested and/or attacked by men over the new year’s celebrations.

Witnesses have claimed so far that the majority of all perpetrators were men of Arab descent, ie: war refugees. It is important to note that Europe has grappled with an immigration issue as tens of thousands of Syrians, Iraqis and other nationalities hailing from the MENA region have fled the combined threat of war and ISIL violence.

The media narrative so far has intentionally and systematically worked to demonize and vilify war refugees, painting them as dangerous rogue agents.

Now, while it is always dangerous to generalize and brush entire communities under the assumption that a few bad apples define the majority, it cannot be denied that violence did indeed occur.

That being said, readers should too understand that such violence serves the very narrative which seeks to demonize war refugees, and thus deny entire segments of population their very humanity.

“A group of Pakistanis and a Syrian man have been attacked by gangs in Cologne, after foreigners were blamed for a spate of sexual assaults in the German city on New Year’s Eve.

German police said around 20 unknown assailants attacked six Pakistanis on Sunday evening, two of whom had to be hospitalized.

Later, a group of five people attacked a 39-year-old Syrian national,” read a report published in The Independent.

People in Germany today are reacting to the hateful rhetoric their governments, and their officials have served them – that Arab men, Muslim men and in general all foreign looking individuals are violent criminals. And so before passing any form of judgement we should always remember to look beyond those truths we are served, to determine whether or not our ideas are our own, and not those planted by unscrupulous politicians to serve their agendas.

Refugees are not the issue, rather those individuals who work to destabilize and antagonize society so that racism and intolerance can flourish.

Just like ISIL crimes will never reflect on Islam, some refugees’ crimes should not fall upon the shoulders of an entire community. Let us remember that those “criminals” in question could very well have been planted to further far-right ‘s factions’ narrative of hate and discrimination.

Reason should always be pursued.



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