Religions’ solidarity conf. against ISIS, terrorism held in Bangladesh

SHAFAQNA – Religions and Sects solidarity conference against the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) and terrorism was held with presence of Ahlul Bayt World Assembly’s member in Bangladesh.

Ahlul Bayt Bangladesh religions and sects solidarity conference against ISIS and terrorism emphasized on Islamic unity and uprooting of extremism and terrorism.

This conference was held with the presence of Sheikh Ibrahim Khali Razavi -chief of Bangladesh Ahlul Bayt Foundation- and a group of religious leaders and deputies along with Bangladesh interior minister and police chief in Rangpur city in Bangladesh.
Chief of Bangladesh Ahlul Bayt Foundation along with nearly 100 thousand participants  said: “Unfortunately foolishness and extremism in today’s world has distorted the real Islam’s Image.”
Sheikh Ibrahim Khali Razavi emphasizing on Islamic unity noted that silence over oppression is considered a crime and added: scholars of Islam should blame extremism that has distorted Islam’s real Image.
He added: “Roots of religious extremism should be introduced and religious scholars should be pioneers in this case.”
Finally, the member of Ahlul bayt World assembly expressed the importance of family and its preservation against extremism and deviation.

Sources – ABNA
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