Report: BJP to win 110 seats in Maharashtra polls, Congress 68

The Assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana are scheduled to be held on October 15. They are one of the most keenly fought and watched elections after the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. In order to assess the mood of the voters, Zee Media in association with Taleem Research Foundation held a survey in Maharashtra. Following are the results that the survey threw up:

The survey indicated that Bharatiya Janata Party would emerge as the single largest party winning 110 seats, whereas the Congress would win 68 seats. On the other hand Shiv Sena would win 52 seats and the NCP would win 39 seats.

The strength of the Assembly in Maharashtra is 288.

Satisfaction with INC/NCP government and Major Concerns Analysis indicated that as much as 50.0 percent voters were not satisfied with INC/NCP performance whereas 10.7 percent did not indicate their opinion.

For 74.6 percent voters increasing inflation/price rise remained the most important concern in Assembly Elections. It was followed by two other issues that related to road, electricity and water (63.6 percent) and unemployment (60.6 percent). Corruption (56.3 percent), economic development (45.7 percent) and growing sense of insecurity (14.0 percent), especially among urban voters (22.8 percent), were other issues that had been bothering the voters.

Voters were asked if they were going vote in the forthcoming Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014. As much as 96.7 percent voters said ‘yes’ though the turn out in 2009 Assembly elections was about 60.0 percent.

Among these voters 23.4 percent have indicated that they would be voting for BJP followed by INC (19.1 percent). Shiv Sena (17.9 percent) was placed in the third place followed by NCP (10.4 percent) and MNS (1.6 percent). The important point to be noted, is that as much as 23.7 percent voters did not give any indication as to whom they would be voting for.

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi could be a factor in influencing the voters in favour of the BJP. As much as 43.4 percent voters believed that the positive performance of central government would have visible effect on Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2014. Modi has been campaigning extensively in the state.

The survey was done on 06 and 07 October in Mumbai, Vidharbha, Western Maharashtra, Marathwada, Northern Maharashtra and Konkan.




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