Report into CIA torture reveals unbelievable degree of brutality and deceit

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – The result of US Senate’s investigation into the CIA’s secret interrogations of suspects following the 9/11 attacks has revealed a staggering level of brutality and violence carried out by the US intelligence personnel. The report revealed details of the CIA’s “enhanced interrogation program” used during the George W. Bush administration, which involved transferring suspects to secret overseas prisons, where they were subjected to torture including waterboarding, which resulted in “a series of near drownings”.

Detainees were also subjected to threats of sexual violence using a broomstick and the use of “rectal hydration”, with interrogations lasting days or even weeks. Contrary to previous CIA disclosures, the study reveals that waterboarding was likely used on more than three detainees, with materials used for the torture technique were found at blacksites the agency had previously stated were not used for waterboarding.

Detainees were also subjected to mock executions, prolonged sleep deprivation, stress positions and other forms of torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. The report also indicated that CIA officials lied about the details of the interrogation programme, while disclosing all 119 prisoners held by the CIA as terror suspects, including 26 who were held due to bad intelligence or mistaken identity. The investigation concludes that the torture programme did not yield results, and that “enhanced interrogation techniques” produced no breakthroughs in intelligence.

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