Researcher found 600000 cases almost 40% of the cancer victims could have avoided cancer if…….

SHAFAQNA –  According to a new research by the Cancer Research UK (CRUK), 40 percent of the cancer victims could have avoided cancer by choosing a better lifestyle. According to the study the scientists have discovered that at least 600,000 cancer victims could have avoided cancer by choosing better a lifestyle and continuing that life style. According to the study around 587,000 people living in UK have developed a different type of cancer within five years period after they began consuming alcohol or tobacco. The researchers are suggesting that by choosing a poor lifestyle, these victims have developed cancer. One of the researchers and cancer prevention specialists for the Cancer Research UK said, “There are more than 200 types of cancer each caused by a complex set of factors, involving both our lifestyles and our genes.”

By choosing different lifestyle like exercise, eating healthy food, consuming fewer processed meat, keeping their weight checked, eating less fast food, consuming less alcohol or tobacco; many people can avoid having different forms of cancers. Researchers discovered that tobacco is one of the main reasons behind cancer. A large number of the participants in the study have cancer by consuming tobacco. The researchers also discovered that, among the participants 144,800 people diagnosed with cancer, have poor food habit like eating less green vegetables or red meet regularly. Excessive weight problem was the reason behind 88,100 participants having cancer.

According to Prof Max Parkin, a Cancer Research UK statistician based at Queen Mary University of London,  “There’s now little doubt that certain lifestyle choices can have a big impact on cancer risk, with research around the world all pointing to the same key risk factors”. He then added, “Of course everyone enjoys some extra treats during the Christmas holidays so we don’t want to ban mince pies and wine but it’s a good time to think about taking up some healthy habits for 2015. Public Health England says a healthy lifestyle can play a vital role in reducing cancer risk. It says campaigns such as Smoke free, Dry January and Change4Life Sugar Swaps all aim to raise public awareness”.  Though the researchers are saying that these are not the only reason people have cancers but there are choices which can avoid this.

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